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Persian Maine Coon mix (F) for sale

Private seller

Female persian x maine coon mix. 2 years old. 3.9kg medium sized and medium long fur.
Spayed, dewormed. Parasite and mite free.
Cat food (Allando brand and raw food), bowls, cage, harnesses, toys, nail clippers, combs, brushes, leashes, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, ear cleaner solution, hairball supplement (Vet's Best), cat backpack, scratchboard litter box, new packets of cat litter, cat carrier, Advocate and Drontal all will be provided one shot.

If you don't need all the cat supplies, we can negotiate the price.

Cat is well behaved, easy to bathe, clean ears, cut nails. Can be left home alone.

Contact me at phone number below for more details or pictures.

Bank in transfer only. Meetup and collection at Bandar Utama area.

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Phone numberMDExMjgzNzcxMzc=
Account typePrivate seller
LocationDamansara damai, SGR 47820
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