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Adorable JAPOODLE Puppies available for new homes 🏠 ❤️🐶

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The Japoodle is a Designer breed, the offspring of a Poodle and a Japanese Spitz. The Japoodle is a new and relatively unknown breed in the Poodle crossbreed line up and came about after other poodle crossbreeds such as Cavoodle's and Labradoodle's saw great success as family pets for their exceptional temperaments and low-shed coats.
Japoodles are best known for their high energy and intelligence, but also their difficult coats.
•Japoodles temperament is high energy and very loving; they express a great desire for constant attention and human interaction, always flowing their master and staying vigilant by their side. The breed is overall very intelligent and able to easily pick up a wide range of tricks and training techniques. They do however inherit the yappy nature of both poodles and Japanese spitz's
• AKC registered
Puppies come with:
-- A Cage
-- Ownership Papers
-- DNA Tested Papers
-- Some Playing Toys
-- 2 years Health Guarantee card
-- Certificate of Veterinary Inspection
-- Micro-Chipped (In case ever lost or stolen)
- Delivery option available within hours to home address.
Message me if interested in any. Thanks

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