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Captivating British Shorthair for selling/rehoming

Private seller

Cute and awesome cat and a heart full of affection—Fulla, a delightful British shorthair seeking a new loving family. Relocating to a place that doesn't accommodate pets has forced me to make the decision to rehome this beautiful companion.

Fulla is not just any ordinary cat; she is a paragon of elegance and grace. As the name suggests, her background is from the UK, renowned for its endearing and captivating traits.

This lovely feline, known for her striking appearance and charming demeanor, has captured hearts with her loving nature. She is a connoisseur when it comes to meals, enjoying a balanced diet of dry grains, most moist sardines or wet food, and the occasional treat of fried chicken and hati-hati (chicken liver). She had been vaccinated, and there is no need for any further vaccinations.

What truly sets Fulla apart is her warmth and affection. She is the epitome of companionship, delighting in curling up for peaceful slumber whenever she feels sleepy. Her amiable and sympathetic nature makes her an ideal addition to any caring household.

Ideal for families seeking a loyal and loving companion, Fulla is eagerly waiting to bring joy and charm to her new home!

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Account typePrivate seller
LocationUniversiti teknologi malaysia, JHR 81310
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