Animal Rehoming

Posted on March 3, 2020


rehoming an animal



We often focus on dogs and cats that need to find new homes but there are a lot of other animals that can need rehoming. There is not much out there to help them, and their owners.

In our suburban environment may people own rats, ferrets, reptiles, chickens, goats etc, etc., etc. – it is a lot more common than you think. To rehome one of these “specialty” pets is not that easy. You can’t just wander in to a local shelter and drop off a Rainbow Lorikeet.

Animal Rehoming needs to be done with as much sensitivity, care and safety as you would find a new home for your much loved Labrador. Rescue Pets handles this with ease.


Rehoming An Animal – special needs

Many of the animals we mentioned above need licenses. Birds and Reptiles for example need special endorsements/licenses which allow you to keep them.

Others need special environments and pens that can keep them safe and comfortable. Chickens need a safe, clean coop, Birds need nice, large cages, Fish need aquariums etc. etc.

The bonus is that if you are rehoming and animal like this you can check and ask those interested in taking them how they will look after a “different” pet. If you a looking to help rehome one of these animals you can get a lot of great advice from the current owner – many will provide current living conditions with the pet. Everyone wins!


Rehome Your Pet

The system is simple;

  • Take some photos of your special animal
  • Create an account on Rescue Pets – its free
  • You will need a description and some contact details
  • Create a Listing – add as many pictures and details as you want.
  • It is completely Free but we do offer an option where you can pay a small one-off fee so that you appear at the top of all related searches.
  • You will start getting enquiries – you just workout who would be best to look after your animal.


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