Should Dogs eat Bananas?

Posted on March 3, 2020


Are Bananas Good for Dogs?

Have you heard about pet owners feeding their dogs bananas? Are you wondering if the fruit is actually good or safe for your canine companion?

Yes, dogs can gain many great benefits from bananas.

However, you should use the fruit as a treat because of the high sugar content. Remember that you should not make them a staple of their diet. You can give your doggy bananas as a snack in conjunction with a balanced, complete diet. The next time you feel peckish and grab a banana, take an extra one to give your furry friend a treat too!




What are the Benefits of Bananas for Dogs?

Here are some of the benefits that bananas provide to dogs.

  • Aids Blood Vessel and Muscle Function: One of the benefits of bananas for dogs that should be mentioned first is potassium. As you know, bananas are rich in potassium, which is why it is so good for humans. The same applies to dogs. The mineral is superb for blood vessel and muscle function. It helps in the movement of muscles – like aiding the heart in squeezing blood through the body. Potassium also plays an important role in maintaining proper fluid balance throughout the body.
  • Boosts Antioxidants and Immune System: Bananas also have high Vitamin C content, which helps in fighting kennel cough, glaucoma, cataracts, arthritis, joint inflammation and certain infections. Vitamin C can even help in injury recovery and in fortifying your canine friend’s immune system. While most dogs do not need a Vitamin C supplement because they produce it on their own, you should know that some canine conditions do need adding the nutrient to the affected dog’s diet.
  • Regulates Blood Cell Function: Also known as pyridoxine, Vitamin B6 is part of the Vitamin B complex. Its deficiency can cause health issues such as tooth cavities, kidney stones, Anemia, etc. Vitamin B6 plays an important role in various important things related to blood health. For one, it supports the production of antibodies, which in turn combat infection. It also helps in producing red blood cells and regulating blood sugar levels.
  • Provides Fiber: Does your doggy have diarrhoea every now and then? Well, you should give him foods that have fiber. If he has constipation, fiber can help with that problem too. A medium-size banana is a good source of fiber as it contains roughly 3.1 grams of the nutrient. You should bear in mind that the dietary fiber requirements of every dog vary, so you should consult with your vet with any questions.
  • Supplies Magnesium: As you know, magnesium is another important mineral that has many health benefits. It is necessary for absorbing vitamins and minerals such as vitamins C and E and potassium. One medium banana contains 33 mg of magnesium, making the fruit an excellent source of the nutrient. Magnesium is also important for growing pups as it supports the growth of bones.

As you can see, bananas are good for dogs, and you should feed them to your pet as a snack every now and again. Remember to peel the banana like you would if you are going to eat one as the peels are hard to digest and can result in a blockage.

So you and your canine companion can enjoy a banana together!

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